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SEO Analysis

Keeping an analytical eye on your website is tough, but with the right tools if you are able to monitor your web presence and how the online user actually approaches your online presence, it is strategic advantage to design your next online move according to the statistics provided. We will provide you a full report which is based on your SEO package that will enable you to monitor the performance of your website through the following major areas;

  • Total number of Visits
  • Total number of Visits / pages
  • Average visit duration
  • % of new visits
  • Bounce Rates

  • And most of all you are able to pattern out online user behaviour according to;

  • Demographics
  • Keywords
  • Behaviour
  • Technology
  • Mobile
  • Visitor flow
  • Browser
  • Operating System of the online user's machine
  • The screen resolution.
  • Above are just a fraction of the details you'll be bombarded with, which are obviously highly useful to organise your web space according to your potential targeted traffic.

    SEO content writing

    Though most of the people are gifted in writing, to properly execute SEO Copywriting is a proficiency that a person should master with practice in placing the targeted SEO keywords in a user friendly manner. SEO copy is one the most crucial factors in your web site that guides and gives an idea for search engines to recognise your web space under the targeted keyword. Your, on page copywriting should be spot on. It should deliver the purpose in crystal clarity, while preserving the most basic SEO copywriting requirements which are as follows;

  • Optimizing the targeted keyword – Placing the targeted optimizing keyword as many times as possible within the content, in order to introduce the website by that key word name to the search engine bots.
  • Keyword Density – keyword density refers to the number of times your targeted keywords appear within the web content while preserving its readability quality.
  • The prominence of the keyword - the keyword should be placed in a prominent position, especially giving them some extra make up by bolding and italicizing to make it stand out from the rest. The best placements are top left corner since like a normal human being, search engine bots begin to read through the content from top left to right.
  • The close call of a keyword – this is much needed, as the more keywords stay intact, the better it will be checked positive at the relevancy test, by the bots. Therefore though it may seem tough to do, try as much as possible to get content that does not break your targeted keywords for many little pieces, but that stays and appears just the way its suppose to be.

  • Our professional writers know and execute their job description to perfection, which enables your website to rank higher in Search engine results.

    Keyword research

    Executing a keyword research is a must, since it is the one factor that whole process revolves around and actually attracts business to your organization.

    To conduct a proper keyword research 1st you should identify the word or phrase, which the customer uses to search your core-business product or service. For an example if your core business is selling used cars, then your keywords should rotate around "used cars". Then from the list of targeted keywords found, select 1 to 3 prime keywords

    We use highly recognised keyword tools to carry out a proper, on target key word research, which is executed after analysing the background of your core business, and analysing what terms that a searcher might use to find the products and services of the said website.

    On page SEO

    On page SEO refers to the process of applying Search Engine Optimization techniques within the website, (especially the landing page or targeted page) which includes optimizing of title tags, Meta description, keyword placements, page urls, images and alt tags, text highlighting (h1, h2 and h3 tags) and other web page elements.

    In an on page optimization process, content plays a major role where keywords are placed in a technically correct manner for the search bots, and a reader-friendly approach for the human minds.
    We assign devoted persons who would first;

    Professional Link Building

    Link building is the procedure of setting up relevant, inbound links to your web site, which helps to achieve greater visibility and ranking in search engines and direct targeted traffic to you. There are huge number sunny volunteers who would really love to take hold of link building for your site, and hoodwink you by using unethical means of link building, such as;

  • Automated spam responses
  • Spamming unrelated forums and blogs with meaningless responses with a link to your website
  • Spamming the internet with meaningless websites, which are created solely for the purpose of getting a back link. These are known as "Spam Directories"
  • Therefore you should know to select the professionals who will do a right job, which would really help your website to rank.

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